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dc.contributor.authorHammer, Anitaen
dc.identifier.citationHammer, A. (2014) Employment relations in emerging economies: China and India. In: Beardwell, J. and Thompson, A. eds. Human Resource Management: A Contemporary Approach. Pearson, pp.569-605en
dc.description.abstractThis chapter presents and analyses the employment relations in China and India, assessed in their broader institutional context as well as in the nature of their integration into the global economy, from a comaparative capitalsit framework. This allows the identification of the similarities and differences of the economic pattersn of development in the two economies with respect to each other as well as with industrialised economies. The main objective is firstly, to show how the two countries have a number of distinctive institutional features underpinned by different social compromises that configure the employment relation in each economy. Secondly, this helps us to analyse the impact of globalisation and multinational firms on the employment relations in these economies.en
dc.subjectComparative capitalismen
dc.subjectemployment relationsen
dc.titleEmployment relations in emerging economies: China and Indiaen
dc.typeBook chapteren
dc.researchgroupInternational and Comparative HRMen
dc.researchinstitutePeople, Organisations and Work Institute (POWI)en

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