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dc.contributor.authorReddington, J.en
dc.contributor.authorMurtagh, F.en
dc.contributor.authorCowie, D.en
dc.identifier.citationReddington, J., Murtagh, F. and Cowie, D. (2013) Computational Properties of Fiction Writing and Collaborative Work, Advances in Intelligent Data Analysis XII, Lecture Notes in Computer ScienceVolume 8207, pp. 369-379.en
dc.descriptionSome of the collaboratively authored books resulting from this work, "Too Many Cooks", with pseudonym for the book written by classes of schoolchildren, Tim Cooks. 1) Behind the Screen, Kindle edition, 2) See, in all, five books listed at:
dc.description.abstractFrom the earliest days of computing, there have been tools to help shape narrative. Spell-checking, word counts, and readability analysis, give today's novelists tools that Dickens, Austen, and Shakespeare could only have dreamt of. However, such tools have focused on the word, or phrase levels. In the last decade, research focus has shifted to support for collaborative editing of documents. This work considers more sophisticated attempts to visualise the semantics, pace and rhythm within a narrative through data mining. We describe real life applications in two related domains.en
dc.subjectdata miningen
dc.titleComputational Properties of Fiction Writing and Collaborative Worken
dc.typeBook chapteren
dc.researchgroupCentre for Computational Intelligenceen
dc.projectidNarrativization, Computer-Supported and Collaborative Authoringen

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